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Legacy Farmstead

Impacting the lives and legacies of Veterans and First Responders, along with their families, who are battling PTSD and chronic stress from repeat exposure to trauma through rescue horses, other animals, and farmsteading

in a retreat-like setting. 

What We Do

PTSD and chronic stress from repeat exposure to trauma not only affects the Veteran and First Responder who has experienced this but it truly affects the entire family.  Our goal is to work with both the individual and their families primarily through equine therapy & farmsteading to battle and overcome together.  Our first step is staying at the farmstead for at least a full weekend to disconnect and immerse into what God has provided here. From the gorgeous views of creation especially at sunset, to working with our horses, eating farm fresh eggs every morning, enjoying some honey produced from the farm, lounging at the top of the rock fire pit, to even spending time in the great outdoors feeding other animals the retreat is the very beginning.  We then invite families back on a more frequent basis to work with our equine specialists and trainers one on one through general horsemanship and groundwork.  We also hold events for groups to connect with others that have spent time here to truly build a family and community to walk alongside each other with. 


Who We Are

Our team is comprised of simple people just following the Good Lord's purpose to bless others walking a similar path in His name.  We believe true peace is only found through our relationship with the Lord. Through our own battles of chronic stress from repeat exposure to trauma and how it affected our whole family unit we knew we had to do something to make a difference and be a light for other families fighting similar battles.  We must be willing to stand up and fight for those who serve our country and communities on a daily basis.

Join the Cause

Do you have immense gratitude for the sacrifices that Veterans, First Responders, and their families live with daily for our country and communities?  Are you sick and tired of witnessing countless suicides because the pain and agony they face is overwhelming? Join us! TAKE ACTION. BE THE DIFFERENCE, DON'T JUST TALK ABOUT IT. There are many ways to get involved and we'd love to find the perfect way for you to fit into our team of LEGACY CHANGERS! Because remember it doesn't stop with just the Veteran or First Responder. The battles they face can very easily have lasting affect on their generations to come. 

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