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Founded by Firefighter/EMT John Henderson and his wife, Amy, Legacy Farmstead started as result of the weekend November 26-27, 2017, in Boerne, TX.

God put serving Veterans and First Responders on their hearts long before this event took place as a result of personal experiences.  However, earlier in 2017, that Holy Spirit nudge grew even more.  John & Amy were invited to attend a fundraising event in Boerne.  John felt strongly that since they were gifted 4 tickets, the other 2 needed to go to a Veteran or First Responder couple to enjoy a weekend getaway.  After praying continuously over who should be invited, God connected John to a man named Captain (RET) John Arroyo through a mutual friend.  Upon speaking with Mr. Arroyo, he said you know what we can't attend that weekend but let me pray over who should go. He said let me call you back.  Right away John Arroyo's phone rang and it was Ray Borrego (pictured above).  He wanted to check in on John to see how he was doing.  John was involved in the FT Hood shooting and Ray Borrego was the medic that God used to save his life.  John Arroyo knew instantly his prayers were answered.  Ray and his wife, Andreia, were who were supposed to attend.  They drove all the way from Florida just a couple days later.  This weekend was the foundation God laid to open the doors wide open for what He had planned, to serve by way of weekend getaways.  John and Amy also met Garrett George at this event.  Garrett was heavily involved with serving Veterans through the outdoors.  Instantly, we all knew we were destined for something incredible TOGETHER.  At breakfast the day of departure as we talked about John and Garrett's mutual love and passion for hunting and fishing as a means to serve, Amy brought up but what are we doing for their families, their spouses and kids who are also affected?  What about equine therapy?


Shortly therafter God opened the doors wide open in the calling to serve by way of equine-assisted therapy by providing the land they thought they were supposed to acquire.  However, those doors were quickly shut.  Confused, frustrated, wondering what happened and why, God walked them through repeated trials and tribulations throughout the course of 2019.  Lessons were learned that God does all His pruning on people in the valleys, that's where you learn and grow, do the hard work to be refined and made new.  Despite being in such a tumultuous season they knew they would experience those reflecting mountaintop moments again.  John and Amy were reminded that God's plan for them was GOOD and they just had to trust Him whether it be on hills or in valleys.  The end of December 2019 God led them to the land that is now Legacy Farmstead today.  As they drove up the hill for the first time God's Goodness shined through immediately as there before their eyes was the actual visual representation on their property of a breathtaking view of the hills and valleys.  Where the barn is located and the work to be done with the horses is in the valley, and there on the same property is a gorgeous hill top to sit and reflect and breathe in those life changing breakthrough kind of moments. This is why the doors were shut to the other property, God had this one perfectly picked out for THIS PURPOSE.  It even sat on the market almost an entire year just waiting for God's timing specifically to become Legacy Farmstead.  

John and Amy closed on the ranch at the end of February 2020 and got to work right away on all the rehabbing of the houses, buildings, barn, land maintenance etc and moved their first rescue horse in within a couple weeks. Right away Veteran and First Responder families started coming to experience what only God can do in this place.  Humble beginnings and taking giant leaps of faith is how it all started.

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