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Meet Our Horse Heroes

Our therapy horses are the true heroes of the Legacy Farmstead team.  It is our passion to rescue abused and abandoned horses out of kill pens to give them another chance at life and their own purpose in being used to rescue Veterans and First Responders.  The majority of the horses you see here were indeed rescued with the help of amazing donors while some were generous gifts from incredible donors. 

Sponsor a Horse

The stars of our animal therapy programs are the horses, who in turn require the most funds to care for.  We provide them with the utmost care to ensure we are taking care of some of our greatest assets.  On average the monthly cost for feed, hay, ferrier, vet care, and staying on top of annual maintenance such as teeth care and vaccinations add up to several hundred dollars per horse per month. If you'd like to visit our horses and sponsor one for any amount on a monthly basis that you connect with we would be more than grateful!

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